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Prolux Carpet Cleaning is a small family company

Author: Mitko Gochev
Category: Business & Economy: Services: Cleaning

Prolux Carpet Cleaning is a small family company, specialized in Professional Deep Steam Cleaning. Based in North and Central London, with more than 8 years of experience in the fields of professional carpet cleaning services , the company has built a huge customer base with clients from the entire London. Our mobilized teams are highly trained and completely certified, always ready to cope with any kind of dirty carpet, upholstery or mattress, whenever you are situated – we are always there for you! We are proud to announce that all those years of hard work have won us reputation of most trusted cleaning company, numerous partnerships with companies, offices, schools and big enterprises which have been using our services regularly. Every now and then, one could accidentally spill coffee, tea or red wine over their carpet.

Lots of people try to save money by reading in Google how to clean the mess by themselves. Little do they know that not every stain could be cleaned by hand and quite often they end up having damaged carpet or upholstery. For sure you do not want that to happen to your carpet back home. Well, instead of searching in Google DIY alternative cleaning methods, in order to save some money, do not risk having to pay for brand new carpets– try Professional Deep Steam Cleaning London ! With each and every year, the popularity of Deep Steam Cleaning London becomes bigger and bigger. Plenty of people have left the older cleaning methods after experiencing the power of the steam over the stubborn stains. But why Deep Steam Cleaning London has now become the most preferred one? Let’s find out! Professional Deep Steam Cleaning London is considered the best answer to your dirty carpet, mattress or upholstery.

The reason for that is quite simple really – its efficiency speaks for itself! The method is performed by specially trained and certified professionals, who have wide knowledge of numerous materials, what do they consist of, how they should be cleaned and what’s the best solution to be brought back to lively and fresh look. They have taken lots of courses and know how to work with powerful machines, manufactured for Professional Deep Steam Cleaning London, and know exactly what kind of products to use in order to achieve the best condition of the spoiled item.

The only thing you have to do, after choosing such a service, is to watch the operator do his wonders to your carpet – quite satisfying sight really. But how does Professional Deep Steam Cleaning London works? Professional Deep Steam Cleaning London is performed with powerful machinery and special cleaning products. The machines heat up water to very high temperatures until it turns to steam. The boiling hot water unit is being sprayed in directly deep inside the material reaching the base of fibres. Immediately afterwards, the actual extraction takes its place, taking back the water unit and sucking our all the dirt, bacteria and germs, which have been stuck inside. Final result – your mattress, carpet and upholstery look as they have been just bought from the store! This is right – mattress, carpet and upholstery! Professional Deep Steam Cleaning is a universal method, suitable for countless materials – mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, sofa cleaning, car upholstery cleaning and many more! How to choose the right company? Most people usually search for the lowest prices, respectively. But is that the main factor of having a proper service? The answer is No. To start with, when browsing the web in order to find the best prices, lots of people do not realize that companies not only do differ by prices, but by choice of machines and cleaning products as well, let alone the wages of their cleaners and machine operators.

It is very important one to be aware of whether a company has a proper insurance, its employee is certified and professionally trained and, last but not least, if the company uses the right equipment in order to deliver the service in a professional manner. BEST EQUIPMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL DEEP STEAM CLEANING LONDON With more than 8 years on the market, Prolux Carpet Cleaning has established a huge customer base throughout entire London. With so many years of hard work and experience we have faced so many different clients with numerous requests, thus established a controllable work procedure, perfectly safe for people with any kind of an allergy or residue intolerance. Our first class equipment consists of powerful machines called Ninja, specially manufactured for Professional Deep Steam Cleaning London, and highest standard special cleaning products by PROCHEM – an European company with solid legacy since 1974. Visit

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Prolux Carpet Cleaning is a small family company
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